Alexa mini

Complement to ALEXA Series: This camera seamlessly integrates with other ALEXA cameras, ensuring consistent image quality, format choices, and workflow across multicamera projects.

35mm CMOS Sensor: The 4:3 CMOS sensor records UHD 4K images with ARRI’s signature wide dynamic range, skin tones, and true colors.

ARRIRAW formats for maximum image quality.

Recording Options: Record up to 3840 x 2160 in ProRes or up to 3424 x 2202 in ARRIRAW, providing versatility in post-production.

Recording Media: Supports CFast cards or external Codex recorder (not included) for media recording.

ARRI Look Library: Apply one of 87 predefined, color-graded looks to footage, enhancing creativity and efficiency in post-production.

Compact Design: The lightweight carbon body is suitable for specialty shots using gimbals, handheld rigs, or quadcopters, offering durability without sacrificing portability.

Integrated Features: Built-in lens motor control system and internal ND filters save space on rigs, enhancing efficiency on set.

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The ALEXA Mini Body with 4:3 and ARRIRAW is a versatile camera designed for specialized shots, featuring a compact carbon body and a 35mm-sized CMOS sensor. It offers up to 14 stops of dynamic range and records UHD-resolution images. With interchangeable lens mounts and licenses for 4:3 Open Gate and ARRIRAW, it provides flexible recording options. The camera’s compact design makes it suitable for various shooting setups, and integrated features like motorized ND filters and built-in Wi-Fi enhance its usability. It shares image quality and workflow with other ALEXA cameras, ensuring seamless integration in multicamera projects.


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