Aputure MT Pro

Compact and versatile LED tube light

Ideal for in-camera practical effects and small spaces

RGBWW technology for excellent color quality

Wide color temperature range from 2000K to 10,000K

Additional information


A compact and versatile bundle, this Aputure MT Pro Light Kit features an 300mm full-colour LED tube light that is well-suited for in-camera practical effects and hiding in small spaces. Offering the same foundational RGBWW technology as other professional fixtures, the MT Pro produces excellent color quality and accurate skin tones throughout its wide color temperature range of 2000 to 10,000K. For fine tuning the light’s output, 0 to 100% continuous dimming is available, and the MT Pro-1 provides nine built-in special effects for fireworks, fire, paparazzi, faulty bulb, TV, pulsing, cop car, lightning, and party lights. Additionally, the light also offers seven built-in pixel effects that include color fade, colour cycle, one pixel chase, two pixel chase, three pixel chase, rainbow, and pixel fire.