Arri Zeiss Ultra prime

Large Range of Focal Lengths: This lens set provides one of the largest collections of focal lengths ever offered in a set, ranging from 24mm to 85mm, allowing filmmakers to choose the perfect focal length for their shot.

Constant T1.9 Aperture: The constant aperture of T1.9 allows for consistent exposure throughout the zoom range, enabling filmmakers to maintain their desired depth of field and low-light performance.

Lightweight and Compact Design: The Ultra Primes are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them suitable for handheld shooting and easy transportation on set.

Great Close Focus Capability: Utilizing floating elements, the Ultra Primes achieve exceptional close focus capabilities, allowing filmmakers to capture detailed close-up shots with clarity and precision.

T Anti-Reflex Coating*: The T* anti-reflex coating reduces glare and reflections, ensuring accurate color reproduction and minimizing optical imperfections, resulting in consistently high-quality images.

Compatibility with Other Lenses: The Ultra Primes are designed to match perfectly with other ARRI and Zeiss lenses, including the ARRI/Zeiss Master Primes, ARRI/Fujinon Alura Studio Zooms, Zeiss CP.3’s, and Zeiss Compact Cinema Zooms, providing filmmakers with seamless integration into their existing lens setups.

Large Illumination Circle: The Ultra Primes feature a large illumination circle, allowing them to perform exceptionally well when shooting in Super35 format and covering large formats such as ARRI Alexa LF 16:9, ensuring versatility in various shooting scenarios.

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Key Features

Large Range of Focal Lengths

Constant T1.9 Aperture

Lightweight and Compact Design

Great Close Focus Capablity

The Ultra Primes were developed through a collaboration between ARRI and Zeiss, with Zeiss undertaking manufacturing. The Ultra Primes feature one of the largest collection of focal lengths ever in a set, with Lemac having a thirteen lens set from 12mm through to 135mm. The Ultra Primes utilize floating elements to achieve exceptional close focus. This is a design principle in which lens group move in relation to each other during focusing, thereby correcting image area curvature. Another feature of the Ultra Primes is their T* anti-reflex coating, which allows them to colour match each other very accurately. The Ultra Primes also match perfectly with other ARRI and Zeiss lenses, including the ARRI/Zeiss Master Primes, the ARRI/Fujinon Alura Studio Zooms, the Zeiss CP.3’s and the Zeiss Compact Cinema Zooms. The Ultra Primes feature a large illumination circle, meaning that not only do they all look fantastic when shooting in Super35, but when shooting in large format such as ARRI Alexa LF 16:9 focal lengths 20mm and longer will cover.


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