Small stands with flexible Spigot top

Spring Cushioned Heavy Duty Stand: Protects equipment; load capacity 22lb / 10kg

Reversible 1/4” to 3/8” Adapter: Universal screw adapter for different accessories

Solid Construction: Durable stainless steel; resistant to corrosion and moisture

Adjustable Height: Telescopic stand with 3 sections, 46.5″ to 102″ / 118cm to 260cm

Collapsible Design: Folds down for storage and transportation; sandbags for stability (sold separately)

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Spring Cushioned Heavy Duty Stand- The built-in spring cushion protects your equipment, perfect for mounting LED video lights, ring lights, monolights, strobes, softboxes, reflectors, and other photography gear. Load Capacity: 22lb / 10kg

Reversible 1/4” to 3/8” Adapter- With 1/4” & 3/8″ threaded ends, the universal screw adapter is compatible with different accessories and light fixtures. A 3-way mounting interface allows you to mount in vertical and horizontal orientations

Solid Construction- Made of 100% tough stainless steel, the light stand is impressively durable and resistant to corrosion and moisture for outdoor shooting tasks

Adjustable Height- 46.5″ – 102″ /118cm – 260cm adjustable, telescopic stand with 3 sections offers a broad height range for flexible positioning. Locking knobs secure the stand with incredible strength

Collapsible Design- The light stand can fold down to a compact size for storage and transportation. Sandbags (sold separately) can be placed on the legs for added stability


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